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[The eyas log] We are busy for rapid growing~


We tramp over one mountain after another under the scorching sun

We challenge the limits again and again, biting the bullet

We have been working hard to grow~ 

On the early morning of July 15, the eyas were ready to go 

Our destination was Fenghua District

With the mental preparation for "difficulty"

And the determination for getting experience and toughening

We were "impressed" in Fenghua with heavy bags on the back

Trekking, suplex, team bridge, power grid, campfire...

Hot, hard, thrilling, trusting, sharing... 

The company strives to improve the communication skills, sense of responsibility and active questioning of college students, and enhance their ability of anti-pressure and logical thinking, through intensified training and phased training, and send qualified ones to various departments. 

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