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New starting point, new appearance and new fashion Congratulations to housewarming of Veken Technology Shenzhen Headquarters


At 8:00 a.m on July 31, 2018, Shenzhen headquarters of Veken Technology was moved to Mairui Building. All the staff participated in this housewarming highly enthusiastically. He Chengming, President of Veken Holding Group and Veken Technology, Yang Dongwen, CEO of Veken Technology, Lv Jun, Vice President of Veken Holding Group, Chen Liangqin, Deputy General Manager of Veken Technology attended the housewarming ceremony of this Shenzhen headquarters.

President He of the Group and CEO Yang of Veken Technology made a speech at this ceremony. President He showed sincere congratulations to the formal establishment of Shenzhen headquarters and pointed out that the headquarters of Shenzhen started from scratch here, kept developing itself and gathered multiple excellent enterprises and teams such as Shenzhen Veken New Energy, Shenzhen Veken Demi, Shenzhen Evizen and sales department of Ningbo Veken Battery, and created a new situation for the development of the new energy industry of Veken. He also mentioned that in the future, more enterprises and teams would join us and jointly turn Veken Technology into the world-class new energy products and service suppliers. Since Veken is positioned as the high-tech industry investment group, it has set foot in three strategies of "speeding up the new energy industry, making layout in high-tech investment and improving the current industry with science and technology". It uses the national-level strategic resources such as SDIC to keep increasing the input and support of the new energy industry. He hopes that our team may inherit the Veken values of "creating the great business and sharing the future", keep improving ourselves and create value under the leadership of President Yang, jointly promote the rapid development of Shenzhen headquarters and make contributions to the new energy cause of Veken.

President Yang showed: This is a day worth commemorating. Four companies of Veken Technology Shenzhen Headquarters are composed of Shenzhen Veken New Energy responsible for industry investment, Veken Demi responsible for major client service, Evizen Company creating the future intelligent domestic appliance and the brand of digital family products and Ningbo Veken Battery sales head office. The four companies are responsible for the business of different sections respectively. President Yang showed great expectations to the development of Shenzhen Headquarters of Veken Technology. President Yang reviewed the 20-year development of Veken Technology, which established the B2B and B2C industry positioning of lithium battery and according intelligent products with its reorganization in 2017 as the symbol. On the way of secondary pioneering of Veken Technology, it gathers the elites from worldwide that have the same ambition, so that we are very confident of the future. Just like the previous enterprise in our office site, it kept starting here and was successfully listed. We also firmly believe that we will soon move to a greater and better office environment out of the growth of the enterprise and the development of the team. President Yang expressed that he also knew about the industry again just like other participating colleagues. Lithium battery is the secondary energy. All the mobile equipment we use including the airplane, automobile and wearable should use it. At present, the market capacity reaches up to 1,000 billion. That of only 3C application market is also more than 100 billion, which boasts of a great market opportunity. Meanwhile, there must be ups and downs on the pioneering road. Hope we may be closely united, develop together and cooperate to develop the enterprise.


        President He of Holding Group, Vice President Lyu, General Manager Yang of Veken Technology, Vice General Manager Chen, General Manager Pan of Evizen jointly participated in the ribbon-cutting and inaugurated ceremony.

Finally, President He and President Yang jointly opened the champagne ceremony of this ceremony. With the opening of champagne, they started Veken staff's hope for the bright future.

Reviewing the previous 20 years, Veken has excellent achievements; Looking into the future, we are very ambitious. Veken Technology is positioned as the leading new energy battery supplier and overall solution expert in the industry. It vigorously develops three fields including 3C digital battery, power battery and intelligent electronic device. This address removal of Shenzhen headquarters will be a brand-new start. We will open the brand-new page. It is believed that the new starting point must bring us a totally different new world. We will develop along with the company and share the joy and sadness together. Let's actively perfect ourselves, work together and make efforts for the bright future of both the company and us!

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